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邪神戏红桃|宝芝林杜仲降压茶"This is the reason! Command Liang Xing, station troops in Lingzhou, hold still, wait for Cheng Yinjun army arrived, rate the troops to join me, a total of d!" Korea hence fondle must smile, d but more than ten thousand join the army, even with lyu3 bu4, the two sides add up to but thirty thousand, how to block the steps of hundreds of troops?"Korea hence." Giffin thought: "marten father and son, although brave, but too strong is easy to fold, with the means of the korean agreement, will not openly belligerent." If direct military forces, forces were reduced Korea hence is by no means the rivals of the horse's father and son, Korea hence is a wise man, will not do so."Poof-poof-poof ~"

"I don 't have time for them!" Lyu3 bu4 a wave, cold hum 1.Liu Meng obviously not too adapted to the Han Sui face speed, nodded nervously: "I heard that lyu3 bu4 military forces are not a lot, why don't we two troops together first, how about going to attack?"Although there were some accidents, But can find CAI wenji here, for lyu3 bu4, it is a big gain, this is not just a woman's problem, sorted students throughout the world, if can draw on the reputation of CAI wenji to attract these people, don't say one in ten, even one in a hundred people can get, for lyu3 bu4, is also a good thing.邪神戏红桃|In the dilapidated palace, a relatively complete hall, a huge map was opened by two guards, lyu3 bu4 looked at a few people, sink a track: "Gongtai."

邪神戏红桃|"Master, you said this Hanoi to say is also three auxiliary place, but compared to JingZhao, left Feng Yi those places, the popularity here is really his mother's flourishing!" After another seemingly prosperous village, Zhou Cang couldn't help but spit."Ha ha, the event is uncertain, wait until we kill d." Korea hence caress must laugh.Chen Qun suddenly looked bright, took out a surname: "Cao Gong long heard of Wen Yuan general wisdom and bravery unparalleled, special seal Wen Yuan general for jincheng satrap!"

That know the huns language army hou smell speech face a change, harsh voice with the huns language lyu3 bu4 original words again, lyu3 bu4 behind, more than two thousand fighters fierce eyes shot over, a moment of pressure, let originally relaxed down the atmosphere suddenly become depressed again."Come along!" Lyu3 bu4 sneer at 1, a pull over the shy big Joe, motioned the sable cicada to follow, tonight just try their battle effectiveness after rebirth ~Santa's head was a huns trembling before lyu3 bu4.邪神戏红桃|




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