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诡异的欧格佐尼亚斯|欧麦诗定点瘦< / p > < p > han sui smell speech brow is wrinkled up, the heart is thinking about how to persuade burn when Lao wang with their troops, but suddenly a cold arrow from which corner I do not know, from the crowd behind han sui shot out, everyone did not notice the situation, a sword piercing burn when Lao wang's throat."Zhou cang, take a person to return this wench to me." Lv bu black face way: "tell her, this matter, I promised!"Yueshi daying, yueshi wang pale face sitting in his tent, today finally keep, but tomorrow? Warriors have died in the casualty's injury, the rest to no more than three thousand people, is also a low morale, only truly led the troops, he didn't know what we can achieve the lyu3 bu4, but he can't do that, they play in the family, when lu bu those fierce like a Wolf, but in our own hands, like a sheep, were three ethnic coalition dozen reared its head.

Of course, in this case, the qiang people's lethality is not very big, but it is very good to delay the action of the xiongnu, ma chao took the opportunity to take the horse and horse wandering, toward the place of many people put a round of arrows, and then rushed in to kill the xiongnu scattered.'shall we go back now, miss? Li shuxiang came to the front of lu lingqi, hesitated to ask."There will be more." Lv bu added a cup of tea for jia xu and took a look at the direction zhang had left.诡异的欧格佐尼亚斯|When Chen gong brought the news to daying, it was already the beginning of the Lantern Festival.

诡异的欧格佐尼亚斯|"No." Jia ding shook his head and said with a happy face, "your wife is about to give birth. Madam da qiao sent me to inform the Lord, but the subordinates did not know where the Lord was. They wanted to ask the general for help.Successive two JianCu shot on war horse, horse long HSS, fiercely as pulling-power arrow, through more than ten zhangs distance, and then a soft hooves, fall in the snow, the man hurriedly himself, avoid is pressed under the horse, bow and arrow at the same time, a feeling for three arrows, two arrows hit the enemy, the last arrow does not know what flew to the place.The body a heavy, actually have a kind of after force not help of feeling.

"Kill!"When did the trifling Wolf qiang dare to run wild in front of the huns?Li ru nodded his head with satisfaction and said, "only a few generals promise to burn the whole family and join our army. Later, they will respect my Lord and Lord.诡异的欧格佐尼亚斯|




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